Camino, I can sort of see the point.

I always wondered about camino back when I was on XP. What was the difference between it and firefox?

After using it a bit, I can see it, but I still don’t approve of Mozilla confusing things by having so many products that do the same thing. Mozilla suite, FireFox, Camino.

Camino does have a slightly more “Mac” feel to it when compared to firefox. Mainly because the buttons are mac style (blue glass rounded buttons) as opposed the plain ones in FF and also the way the same colour is used for the title bar and the toolbars gives it a nice look, probably better than FF but still, it’s not a major issue. Favourites are different too, it opens full screen rather than in a sidebar. I’m not sure which I prefer but I don’t generally use bookmarks anyway. I just have the sites I visit most in the bookmarks bar and just use for the rest. This is why I like Flock, because of its live search features and delicious integration.

One small thing that instantly endeered me to camino is the + button actually zooms the window to full screen which is how I like to work. This is shown in the above screen.

However, in the other programs its not an issue. I just resize the windows to full screen anyway and leave it that size all the time. I know some mac users will say its windows poisoning, and perhaps, but I use expose to drag and drop usually and not just dragging from one screen to the othere by having smaller windows all visible at once.

Ok, so Camino is good, really its a matter of personal taste between it, firefox and flock for me personally. Theres a lot I like about it but I can’t see myself using it as my main browser. I’ve been trying to stop using firefox in favour of flock (I blog, read feeds, upload and view flickr pics in it) but there is just something about flock right now until they bring out cardinal that makes me want to use firefox. Probably that FF is so established and doesn’t have all the complex features of flock, its nice to have the feeling that nothing can go wrong with it. That feeling in flock isn’t quite there yet, although it really is an amazing browser.

I’m planning to switch over completely when 1.0 is released this week hopefully.

Back to Camino, my rating: 9/10 – Looks good, feels nice, works well, but the lack of feed reading does bother me a bit. It wouldn’t bother those who use net news wire or some similar app but not for me. The look and simplicity of it are the best points.

I did say at the beginning of this post I didn’t approve of Mozilla confusing things with two similar browsers. However, I rated it highly because some people may prefer the slightly more mac interface. Add to that the fact that its mozilla software and similar to firefox it’s impossible to give it a low rating.