Sony to bring out a Digital SLR

Sony DSLR-A100 Digital SLR Details Released!

June 5, 2006 — Sony today released full details on their soon to be released alpha Digital SLR. Information published this afternoon (this information seems to have been removed from SonyStyle as of 3:30pm today) on gives us the missing pieces with regard to release date, model number and additional specifications.
According to their website, the DSLR-A100 (model #) combined with an 18-70mm Lens will retail for $999.95 and will ship on or before July 28, 2006 (U.S.).

Sony ? (alpha) DSLR-A100 Digital SLR Details Released | Digital Camera Review

A sony D SLR does look cool. I’ve always been a fan of Sony products, even though I prefer Nintendo for games.

In general Sony stuff is built like a rock and never goes wrong, or not in my experience.

If I was a professional or semi-professional photographer I would look at this more closely. However, I’m not and I don’t think that would fit in my pocket too well with the lens on ready to take out for a quick pic before the need fades.

The price is also a problem if your just someone who likes to take pretty good quality pics sometimes, for which the cybershot point and click range does the job fine, for a lot less cost.

Still a good looking camera though and the price is fair for what it is.