I underestimated iWeb

When I first heard about iweb, I dismissed it as a basic website drag and drop tool which to publish with you need a dot mac account which I didn’t and don’t have.

After playing with it you realise its actually got far more to it that that. Yes it’s a drag and drop tool but it also allows you to publish to a folder, therefore allowing easy upload to your own server without having to rely on .mac.

Also, the blog creation tools, media integration and amount of templates available make it a great tool. I mean having it create all the feeds, video file thumbs and blog archives etc is so great for everyone who wants to blog, at any skill level. I mean really is quite similar to wordpress, with lots of ways to customise it with ease.

It doesn’t have a lot of the cool functions wordpress does especially when its equipped with a few good plugins and themes, but it is still a good website and blogging tool and has been well designed and thought out. Whats more it comes free on all new macs and the ilife suite is very affordable too for people who have an older version of mac os x.

What software do you get on a windows pc again? Yeah exactly.

The one thing that lets it down really is the lack of a code view, and maybe all the drag and drop stuff can lead to sites that aren’t very compatible with all browsers. However, this isn’t suppost to be a competitor to the reigning champ Adobe (Macromedia) Dreamweaver so thats excusable.
Rating: 8/10