Google Spreadsheets!

Yep, the purchase of Writely a few months back made everyone start to think google will try to take over the office market with a free alternative, similar to openoffice and star office, but with no downloads involved.

Writely is a great tool, and definitely good enough to replace MS word or openoffice writer for most casual users. So we are a few months on from the purchase of writely by google. Now google are launching a beta test version of google spreadsheets, (can you see where this is going? google presentation, database….).

Anyway going back to now, google spreadsheets from the pics I’ve seen of it on the google site itself, below are nice. You would expect google to be as compatible as ever and make it work with pc, mac, firefox, ie, safari etc.

It has the same kind of functions of excel but no download and it also allows you to load and save excel formal .xls files.

Creating spreadsheets

Sharing spreadsheets

Storing spreadsheets

Rating: since I havn’t had a chance to test it for myself yet, 7. That is my personal rating based on the fact that I rarely ever use spreadsheets. For people who would use this a lot, probably 8 or 9.