Y! Messenger for Mac

Really badly sucks.

I had problems for a long time trying to install it by downloading from firefox. It never occured to me that they made it so that it only works if you download using safari. Until today that is.

I installed it and it works, but the whole point of installing it was to get the voice chat, webcam and other features adium doesn’t support. I found out quite quickly that neither of these features work. The only thing that does work is Buzz!! which you could just type right into the box in adium, or maybe even something like hi.

Thats the features, now the look of it. Its not great either. In adium, you can change the look of everything, not that the default styles are bad looking or anything.

So if the webcam doesn’t start to work then I’ll just stick with adium. And even then, I really wanted it to work with voice more than anything because no one has a webcam, and even though they can see me I can’t see the fun in that.

Rating: 1/10 – Come up with a better version yahoo.