IE Tab for mac, where is it?

I know Mac doesn’t have the IE rendering engine anywhere on it, thats clear. But why can’t someone bundle it with the IE tab extension for firefox / flock on mac?

I would like to see it because right now, the only thing I need a pc for is to go on ie only sites, such as the poorly designed compatability wise Blaxxun platform based 3D sites, such as

Basically, the policy is get a windows pc with internet explorer and if not stuff you. Even firefox on a pc isn’t supported without the extension and forget about linux completely. In this time now where a huge number of people are on firefox, its not acceptable to not support it in my view.

One site isn’t enough to stop me from using and loving macs but it can’t be that hard to bring out a mac plugin to get 3d chat to work, or at least let java chat work.

Right now I have java but it still won’t load, why not?

Anyway, since 99.9% of sites work, I’m happy.