Microsoft and Adobe

To appease Adobe, Microsoft is planning to remove from Office 2007 the much-requested “save as PDF” feature found in the suite’s most recent beta release, a Microsoft executive said Friday.

Microsoft’s confirmation of plans to alter Office 2007’s PDF support followed a report in Friday’s Wall Street Journal chronicling a breakdown in talks between the two companies about Microsoft’s plans to embrace Adobe’s PDF technology. Adobe has threatened to take legal actions against Microsoft in Europe, according to the WSJ report.
“Out relationship with Adobe is very important, so we did want to take steps to address their concerns,” Microsoft spokeswoman Stacy Drake said about the planned changes to Office 2007.

Microsoft’s latest Office 2007 beta includes both PDF and its own rival XPS document format among the options for exporting data. In talks with Microsoft over the past several months, Adobe expressed concern that Microsoft’s PDF and XPS moves would significantly cut into Adobe’s market, which includes distribution of its Acrobat products for reading and working with PDFs.

Consequently, Microsoft no longer plans to include PDF export as a default option in Office 2007, Drake said. Users who want it will need to visit Microsoft’s Web site and download a patch to restore the functionality.

InformationWeek | Microsoft vs. Adobe | Bowing To Adobe, Microsoft Strips PDF Support From 2007 Office | June 2, 2006

Ok, MS and Adobe have had a spat that has resulted in export to pdf being removed from the forthcoming microsoft office 2007. For me personally, there is no question that pdf export should be included in the new version because its paid software.

If you didn’t know, openoffice is FREE, open source and available for mac, windows, linux etc and does include PDF export. I use this feature, its useful to be able to export word format docs into a format that can be read by anyone easily.

There will be a patch as it says above, but if they are willing to make a patch available, then why not just put the functionality right into the program. It seems like Microsoft are just giving people more reason to switch to its open source competitors.