19 inch DeskBooks

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I was just wondering about this after getting an email newsleter from about their two new notebook computers. Once 17″ and one 19″.

I may have missed something here but 19 inches is massive right? Its going to have so little portability you might as well get a desktop. It will cost less too and you might even be able to get a 20 inch widescreen for the same price. Then again, putting on my minimalist hat, if they are similar prices, I would rather a laptop than a desktop because they are easier, look better and don’t leave cables everywhere. Also even a 19″ one is able to be moved from room to room in a house, although thats probably as much movement as your going to get unless your strong enough to deal with the weight of it which you most likely aren’t, or just simply can’t be bothered with.
Dual graphics? My macbook has a lone 64 mb onboard graphics processor. That sucks right. Nope, It can power the built in 13 inch display on 1280 width screen res and an external display up to 20 inches (I have a 19 inch screen) on even larger resolutions. So what is the point in dual graphics, even on desktops I don’t see the point in spending money on it. You can play most games on 128 meg cards, and undoubtedly all of them on 256 ones. Therefore the only possible reason for dual graphics is to have the bragging rights. (maybe also people with huge screens that do complex 3d rendering and movie work) but even they could probably manage just fine without.

About the screen, before I got this new laptop, I thought the screen might be a little on the small side. After using it, its atually got ample space for everything I need. A 17 inch macbook pro would be too big to lug around. And thats just a 17 inch, I can’t even imagine what its like with an alienware one.

In conclusion, I don’t really see the need in a laptop bigger than 17 inches, and dual graphics, nah I’ll save the money.

Ok, I am biased towards macs, so if you are a big gamer who won’t compromise on anything and want a deskbook with a really nice paint job, then get one of these, they are cool. Just not for me since I made the switch and am not going back.