MSN To Aquire Ebay?

Slashdot | Microsoft in Talks To Acquire Ebay

You would think that a tie -up between Yahoo and Ebay would stop Microsoft in their tracks. Apparently not.

Heres what I think: yahoo are a cool company for me, Ebay and Microsoft aren’t that cool to me. I would prefer Ebay becoming part of Microsoft rather than Yahoo being associated with it but oh well, as long as Google stays independant and cool I’m ok with anything else.

Why don’t I like Ebay

Everyone likes ebay right? you ask. Yeah I know, but maybe its coming in late and trying to sell stuff and make money when you have a feedback rating of 2 when people with 10000 are selling the same stuff. Yeah, its fun.

I’ve also had a bad experience buying on ebay. I bought a snes (nintendo “classic” games console) which works. I bought new av cables for it and it works perfectly.

Only slight problem was about 5 of the 10 games I got were japanese and didn’t fit the slot in the top, one of the controller cables was chewed through by the former owners rabbit. The power cable was also chewed a bit. And how did you guess, the stuff that was messed up was somehow hidden from view in the images of the item. What a coincidence you say. Yeah, something like that.

I’m a nice guy so I still gave her positive feedback, but still, never again will you take my cash and laugh in my face ebay members.


Ok, so most people on Ebay are genuine and nice folks. However, you have to be so careful to make sure you buy what you want in good condition, and also to not get caught up in winning something. Then regretting it when you get sent it and realising it is crap and not what you need at all.

Erm, happy ebaying then.