Just Give Me a Simple Phone

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas — Nathan Bales represents a troubling trend for cellular phone carriers. The Kansas City-area countertop installer recently traded in a number of feature-laden phones for a stripped-down model. He said he didn’t like using them to surf the internet, rarely took pictures with them and couldn’t stand scrolling through seemingly endless menus to get the functions to work.

“I want a phone that is tough and easy to use,” said Bales, 30. “I don’t want to listen to music with it. I’m not a cyber-savvy guy.”

But the wireless industry needs him to be comfortable with advanced features and actively use them. As the universe of people who want a cell phone and don’t already have one gets smaller, wireless carriers are counting on advanced services to generate the bulk of new revenue in coming years.

Wired News: Just Give Me a Simple Phone

Ok, reading this reminded me of my views on this stuff.

I have a fancy phone that takes pics. Looking back now it might have been a bad idea, although I do use the camera a lot and it is useful to have it ready to take pics anytime I want or need to. Also because I don’t have a good camera at the moment.
Ok, thats cool, but I have two pockets… so thats a small, light, CHEAP phone in one pocket, and a nice pocket sized camera with loads of megapixels which allow it to take really good quality photos. The phone takes pics at 1.3 megapixels which is ok but nothing really special when compared to 8.0 megapixel ones.

I would say this guy is right, give the people who want a simple phone a simple phone, but maybe for the casual person who occasionally takes pics then put a camera in it.

Then finally, for the people who take a lot of photos and like to have it on them as well as their phone, give them a cheap phone too.

I know, starting to get a little compicated. Simply put, if someone wants a simple phone with no bell’s and whistles, then let them have it. Listen up phone manufacturers.