Dell will "Google" their PC's

Google and Dell said on Thursday that the No. 1 personal computer maker will install Google software on its systems, potentially dealing a blow to Microsoft.Google will incorporate on Dell computers its desktop software, which integrates a number of personal computing applications, a Google tool bar and a co-branded internet home page, officials from both companies said on Thursday.”There’s probably more to come” in the Google-Dell partnership, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told investors at a Goldman Sachs internet conference. “This is the first” of several agreements.The companies will share revenue from the tie-up, but Schmidt and Dell spokesman Jess Blackburn declined to give details.”We’re doing this because we feel the tools will help the customers search and organize digital information quickly and easily right out of the box,” Blackburn said.Dell will start selling Google-equipped PCs to consumers and small and mid-sized businesses by the end of this month, Blackburn said. The systems will also be offered to some large corporate customers.

Wired News: Dell Will Google Its PCs

Dell and Google have made an arrangement where Google’s Desktop software will be included on new Dells preinstalled. This is useful, as it provides a Windows alternative to Apple’s Spotlight out of the box in windows xp.

So this deal lasts for 6 months or what? Why bother keeping it going when Vista is released because that will incorporate search into it.

Ok, they will probably add more software before then and remove the desktop tool when it is no longer needed. This deal sounds good for both companies, although I would rather Google were associated with apple more, or linux. Or if you really want to use Windows, why not Sony because their Vaio laptops are seriously nice.

Forget Alienware, its Dell now, remember?