Yahoo! + Ebay v Google

It’s not a full merger between Y! and Ebay but it is a form of alliance coming together to battle the might of Google.

Yahoo and eBay have concluded a broad alliance designed to boost their positions amid growing competition with Google and Microsoft.Under the partnership between Yahoo, the world’s largest internet media company, and eBay, the biggest e-commerce player, Yahoo will be the exclusive provider of graphical, branded advertising throughout eBay’s auction site. In return, Yahoo has chosen eBay’s online payment system PayPal to allow its own customers to pay for Yahoo services.The alliance is a competitive response to the in-roads that Google’s popular web search system has made in both companies’ businesses, which is forcing every major internet player to consider joining forces instead of trying to go it alone.

Wired News: Yahoo, eBay Join Forces

I’m not a big ebay fan but its still good for competition.