Tune your run. Nike+iPod.

The newly announced partnership between Nike and Apple will produce products intended to integrate listening and sport more than ever before.

You will be able to put a sensor in your Nike+ shoes that talks to your ipod nano. You can access information about how far you’ve run, your current pace and some kind of music integration. Maybe it’ll play music that has the same sort of pace that your currenly running at to help motivate you more? Who knows.

Why is this such a good idea?

Heres why. In my opinion, a lot of people buy shoes. The price of these new nike shoes are the same as their current shoes with no ipod integration. Therefore, people without an ipod will still buy them, or even be encouraged to buy one.

People with an ipod already, of which there are a lot, will also need shoes, like everyone else. Why not a pair of nike trainers?

People like pedometers. In this time where there is such an emphesis on getting fit and healthy living, exersize and such, paying $30 for a pedometer isn’t so bad.

Especiailly when you consider most people will want a new pair of shoes at some stage, and might own an ipod already. People will think, oh $30 is cheap. Not $400 or more for a fancy pedometer is a rip off, although there probably are some who take that view.