Drupal with Flock?

I need to find out how to post to a drupal blog using flock.

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Posting to Drupal with Flock?! You propably do not mean posting through the web browser part of Flock but propably through the internal blogging-tool. That should be no problem. On Drupal’s admin page, go to Modules and enable the blogapi module. Next go to admin/settings/blogapi and check that it is set on “Blogger”. This should work with most Blogging-Engines really.

Now go to Flock and enter if your you have Drupal installed in a subdirectory, or simply if you got Drupal in your web root.

Check posting from Flock. It should really work. If not, try out changing the Blogging API engine at admin/settings/blogapi – but it should really work with the “Blogger” setting!

Oh dear… sorry! I just found out that it is not as simple as I said. It used to be in earlier versions, but stopped working although Flock seems to have Drupal in the list of supported blogging engines. But yeah, Flock seems to not recognize Drupal any more… 😦
If I find out anything, I’ll let you know. Sorry for that…

I’ve got it 🙂 It appears it is a bug in Flock – you can try and get the latest testing build of Flock (as of my writing this is Flock Next, set up the blogapi module in Drupal, go to settings and select blogapi, leave it on “Blogger”, and click which node type you’d like to blog to. Next go to the “Accounts and Services” menu in Flock and add your Drupal site. It will say it could not find your blog engine settings but offer a “Continue” anyway for manual adding of your blog. Enter your Drupal installation path as described including xmlrpc.php and select “Drupal blog” from the list of engines. Click next and enter your Drupal username/password. Flock will now be set up. Each node type enabled in the blogingapi in Drupal will now appear as a potential blogging service in Flock! Try to post, it should now work most smoothly. You will notice however, that the latest Flock testing build will differ a bit from the way the original Flock beta ( is layed out but you will soon love the new way of doing things in Flock! 😉

I got it working in the latest testing builds easily. You just type in the drupal address, name and password and it gets set up as easily as wordpress blogs do.

Thanks Steve.

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