Ok, so maybe the MacBooks will be released ths week…. finally

New Store

I only mentioned this last week, the release of the new Mac laptop. It was reported by a few sites last week that it would be released last tuesday, nothing happened.

This thursday, they are opening Apples new flagship store in New York. The store opening in manhatten is apprently where steve jobs may unveil the new MacBook, and also a new iPod model. Possibly a video ipod nano with more storage.

However, who knows with Apple, but they have to release it sometime.

There is also speculation about colours. Apple were known in the late 90’s through to 2002 for their iMac with various plastic covers as well as several other products. The G3 iBook and more recently, the iPod mini have been clad in various colours.

More recently, Apple have just stuck with white plastic and aluminium for their macs and ipods.

However, after the success of the iPod Mini and the black versions of the two main iPods, they may be considering making a black version of the MacBook. They may also decide to go back to their colourful past and make the notebook in various brighter colours.

There is a problem with this though. Obviously there is a big risk. They can’t afford for one colour to be the most popular and have some that don’t sell. Will enough people buy a pink Mac? Ok that will appeal to a lot of people, but the same people will also buy a white mac without any fuss, so why take the risk? Not only that, reselling a pink laptop second hnd will be difficult, because there will be less interest in that colour than a neutral white or black one. If I had one and came to selling on ebay, I know which colour I would rather have.
Personally, I like the current mac styling, the white and metal is cool, the colours I was glad to see the back of.

One thing it does have in its favour though. And that is identity. Because macs aren’t custom, (at least not on the outside), people would want to maybe be able to do this, and colours are a way of doing that. Ok maybe, but why not just put a few stickers on it?


It has been rumoured that the new macbook will sell for $999. That isn’t very much for an apple laptop as far as I can tell. Even if it sold for £100 more in the UK than in the States, it will still be a reasonable price that a lot of people will be prepared to pay. Around £600 or slightly more. I have a feeling thats wrong though. I was always expecting a price of £800 in the UK.

Just the waiting game to see what happens with all of this stuff.