New Contender?

I think maybe Windows Live Local is a worthy opponent for Yahoo! and Google’s Maps services.

Ok, I’m going to rate each of them on two things, style (navigation, special effects, general looks) and content (quality of the maps, detail in images, usefulness, browser compatability).


  1. Yahoo – Y! has the best navigation, and the sidebar can be hidden easily.
  2. Google – I like the standard google minimal style, but the sidebar can’t be closed as easily as with yahoo which wastes space.
  3. Windows Live – I like the partly transparent header, and the clickto close windows (although to be honest the draggable windows don’tneed to be there in the firstplace). I also can’t find how to switch between map, satelite and hybrid.


  1. Google – Google I find provides the best information, best searching, best map quality and ease of use.
  2. Windows Live – Windows live is good, it has good info and very detailed mapping.
  3. Yahoo! – Y! has the best interface, but the worst content. There are no roads listed around where I am in the UK, whereas the other two have very good mapping for this area.

This post is a follow on of my former comparison of yahoo maps vs google. I formerly went for Google over Yahoo because of content, My overall order now would be:

  1. Google
  2. Windows Live
  3. Yahoo

When Yahoo makes their mapping better they would probably leap over windows live but until then they’re last for me. However, these three services are very similar so there isn’t much between them.