New Google Stuff

Google Trends, Co-op and Desktop 4 have all been released today.

I’ve been looking through and I these services I don’t really understand much, even though its always nice to see a new Google product.

I can see the point of co-op. It’s about allowing people to label sites, in order to make it easier to refine your search to find what you want. It looks cool.

The example on the front page was video games, if you look for something like “gamecube” like I did, you get labels for buyers and owners. The buying links were things like reviews. screenshots and videos and demos. The owners links were downloads and cheats / tips.

Google Trends seems to just be a way of comparing the popularity of certains searches, in certain places, at certain times. I found that Yahoo! seems to be more popular than Google, (then again who would search for google on google anyway?) but thats as far as I got with it. I like the interface of it, in the same way I like all google sites. They’re minimalist, cool and functional without compromising on performance in some browsers / OS’s. I think this is my favourite of these three but co-op looks good for the future of searching, but it won’t start to be a big thing for a while yet I would guess because theres so much stuff to tag.
Finally, the new Google Desktop is good, but it also just doesn’t do it for me. The whole thing really just seems wrong and uncool. I don’t really like the idea of a sidebar, like the one thats going to be in Vista. The gadgets aren’t that great to look at, and although they are functional, the whole thing just clutters up my desktop. I think you need more than a sidebar width to read your email and news properly.

If you set it to always be on top, it shrinks your workspace considerably too, which on 1024 * 768 screens is not a good idea. Even on my screen which has an extra 200 pixels width, it seemed cluttered.

Also, it adds an extra icon to your taskbar, as if you didn’t have enough there already, clutters up cpu space and is generally a waste of time.

Ok, it is the best way to search your own computer right now until they bring out integrated search in windows vista. However, if you have your pc set out in folders in an organised way, you probably don’t need desktop search anyway.

Want desktop search? Get a Mac because spotlight is amazing.