UK hacker 'should be extradited'

The decision means Mr McKinnon will face trial in America for what the US has called “the biggest military hack of all time”.Although he has admitted hacking US military networks, Mr McKinnon said he was motivated by curiosity not malice.The final decision on whether he should be sent to the US for trial rests with the home secretary.

BBC NEWS | Technology | UK hacker ‘should be extradited’

He seems like a nice guy generally and I feel sorry for an intelligent guy who made a mistake and will probably end up facing the tough US courts because of it.

In my opinion, if anything, the US military should be prasing him because of the fact he highlighted some serious security flaws and whichwithout him may still be undiscovered.

He didn’t actually damage anything there, all he did was log on and view information. That in itself is not legal and deserves some kind of punishment. However, if they were to lock this guy up, what would be the point?

Hes a clever guy, he could do much better things working with the people he hacked, as a security specialist, like many hackers have done before, translating their skills into things that benefit people, not cause them hardship.

Ok thats my rant on the subject.