Pressure off Apple

From Slashdot.

“The subheading of the CNN article says it all: ‘Four largest record companies defeated in behind-the-scenes battle to charge different prices for songs; downloads still 99 cents’. This comes the same day as France backed down on the posturing over demanding iPod interoperability.” From the France article: “Apple, which did not return repeated phone calls, and other DRM holders doing business in France, are likely elated. While the law must still be voted on, the alterations in the legislation signify willingness by some in the French government to honor the rights of companies that don’t wish to share their technology with competitors. Senate debate on the bill begins Thursday.”

Slashdot | Apple Defeats RIAA and France In Same Day

This is great. I don’t know what the big deal is about songs being priced at 99 cents is anyway. Surely the most important thing is people are buying them legally and not using file sharing networks to get hold off stuff for free. They should just feel good that people like myself do use itunes and download the legal way.

About the French law. I thought this was wrong in the firstplace and its good to see its going Apple’s way. They shouldn’t be forced to open up itunes to other players, and maybe if people did the research they would realise you already can put itunes music on other players beside iPod. See Apple’s French Headache at Chris 2.0 for what I wrote before on this issue and how to solve it.